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Let's say you are a person that budgets your spending. You have a budget for clothes, for housing, for fuel, for entertainment, for food, etc..
OK, let's take a look at the food budget. You have $x to buy the grocery items needed to prepare meals for your family.But witch of your recipies can you use without exceeding your budget?
Michelle's Menu Planner can help with that. It is a suite of four apps that you can use to help you stay on track.

Menu Planner Menu Planner This is where it all comes together.
Simply drag a recipe name to a day.
Drill down and add up to 5 side dishes.
Get a list of all the items needed for the selected date range.
Get a list of  recipies whose total cost is within your budget.
The Recipe
Recipes Recipes Manage all (or just your favorite) recipies.
Add a recipie manually or scan and convert to text.
Groceries Groceries Use your grocery receipts to enter the cost of  the items purchased.
This is the data that is used to estimate the cost of each recipe.
It is also used to estimate the total cost of  the shopping list.
This app can generate several reports to help you identify what you are spending your budget on.
Shopping List Shopping List This app uses the Items data to print customized Shopping lists. Manage Lists

Download here: because of size restrictions, you need to download these 7 files:

Install the Firebird database engine first. Accept all defaults.
Install Tesseract and then PowePointViewer.

Now install the 4 Menu Planner files.

And now available, the Android app Michelle's ShoppingDroid.
ShoppingDroid This app is not yet avaiable from Google Play. You will have to allow unknown sources to install the app.
To use the app, first create a Shopping List with Michelle's ShoppingList. On the main screen select and right-click the List Name. Click "Send to Droid" in the popup menu..This will create some xml & xrt files in your Documents folder.. Copy the files to your Android device via USB to the Documents folder on the device.
To use the app: Click on the top-center drop-down list and tal the Listname.
To change the Quantity, tap the chekbox in the Qty columm.
To change the cost. long-tap the item name,
Every time you toggle the item's checkbox, the estimated cost will change. You can compare this number to the Budget number. You can change the Budget number by taping it and entering the new number,

Another application I have created is Companions of Jesus.